Francesca teaches you how to use fresh vegetables and ingredients to prepare amazing, mouthwatering meals. There are many ways you can enjoy the Casa Di Cesca's experience:

Invite a group of friends over to your home for a one-of-kind cooking experience. You'll spend 3 hours enjoying each others company while learning how to cook a delicious meal.  
 email Francesca to arrange an evening of fun and food

Throw a dinner party and have Francesca cook for you. There's nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than having a wonderful meal cooked for you. 
 email Francesca to arrange for dinner in your home

Sign-up for a cooking class through Ann Arbor Community Education,
Washtenaw Community College; Department of Life Long Learning

What you'll learn:
- Tips on where to buy the best ingredients in Ann Arbor
- How to use garden-fresh vegetables
- How to relax and cook a great meal with not a lot of prep time