Francesca's passion for cooking began when she was a teenager in Naples when she spent her summers helping her Sicilian aunt at her restaurant in Milan called La Cesta. She went from prep cooking to main dishes and later to cooking for parties and events in private homes.

Francesca has spent 20 years in Ann Arbor working for such restaurants as the Old German, Metzger's and Red Hawk. She began teaching southern Italian cooking in her home in 2003 and now spends her entire time bringing enthusiasm and enjoyment to the students that take her classes.

"I am always amazed that people say they don't have enough time to cook," says Francesca. "It's very important to relax and cook a great meal with your family. Make it a special day - to cook a meal together, to have everybody at the table together chitchating with a glass of wine."

There is no better way to enjoy an evening with friends or family. Call today to arrange a special cooking experience with Francesca!